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Cleveland, OH

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At Adjacent Properties, our #1 goal is to assist investors with finding their key to prosperity. Given real estate is one of the top wealth generators, our platform is to locate high yielding assets that cash flow with outstanding returns. Additionally, our Revenue Management division provides commercial landlords with auditing services to ensure maximization of tenant revenue. Our service areas include:​

  • Consulting

  • Coaching

  • Property Management

  • Project Management

  • Asset Management



Are you ready to learn the fundamentals of real estate and pull the trigger on one or more investment properties? If so, we’re ready to assist. Click below and sign up for a one-on-one coaching session.

Are you looking to complete a rehab project in a timely manner with quality workmanship and investor friendly pricing? If so, allow us to navigate your project from commencement to completion.

Are you looking for a tried and true organization to optimize your revenues and property performance? If so, look no further!