Adjacent Properties Corp. is committed to creating mutually beneficial transactions amongst its international clientele of buyers and sellers. We service the below product groups:

  • Yellow Corn/Maize

  • White Corn/Maize

  • Soybeans

  • Cassava/Tapioca Tubers

  • Cassava/Tapioca Chips

  • Palm Oil (RBD Olein, Stearin, PFAD)

  • Wood Pellets

  • Animal Feed

    • Corn Silage

    • Yellow Corn Feed

    • Corn Gluten Feed

    • Corn Gluten Meal

    • Soybean Meal

    • Cassava/Tapioca Pellets

Inquiries can be sent to or via the Alibaba messaging service

To shop and view pricing, please visit our Alibaba store at the link below:

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